Here’s something to stick in the living room when Aunt Edna comes to visit…

Saw this on my stroll through EBay today:

It’s a medical training dummy from who knows when. I was strongly tempted, but where the Hell would I put it and the price plus shipping was way more than I wanted to spend on what would essentially be a goofy gag item to have kicking around. Dude wants $300 plus another $125 for shipping.

Instead, I found a full-bodied mannequin of the shorter height I’d been looking for for a while [and cheaper to boot]. Pics of that one to follow eventually when he arrives, though I doubt I’ll bother to give him this level of anatomical accuracy.

But hey, I collect weird things, so if I ever see a similar one come up for under $100 with more reasonable shipping charges, I’ll definitely be pretending I need some medical training practise and buying it.

And they still make such things today, of course. Often for less than the old ones go for on EBay.