For the last few weeks I’ve been thinking I’d like to find a Tibetan phurba [wikipedia tells me they’re more properly called a kila]. Not too sure why the notion came to me, though I figured it had to do with me working to get back into regular mediation and other such work.

Ages ago when I picked up a few of my ritual daggers and other implements the local mall had a House of Knives with a fair selection of swords and the like, and I remember one of the things on my to-get list was the replica one made by United Cutlery but I never did get around to it.

Anyway, today when I arrived at the synth cave I decided that writing is the main order of the day and as such I wanted to go grab some candy to munch on. Having to drive over to the West side of the city, for whatever reason I decided that maybe I should go just a little further to Banyen Books and see if they might have a phurba.

And of course they did, and one that appeals to me much more than the bright and shiny brass of the United Cutlery one I once wanted:

And far cheaper to boot.

Interesting to read on the Wiki page that they’re used for exorcisms, considering the name “maqlu” in Sumerian refers to a priest who makes burnt offerings, with particular emphasis on offerings for the purpose of banishment or exorcism.

Anyway, grabbed that and a couple books, then acquired my sugar fix for the night on the way home.

And now to get to writing.