Beavis and Butthead in Astrology

Decided to take up astrology again, it’s been years since I used to study it a bit.

As a refresher, I’m reading Raphael’s 1905 guide to astrology and I’m using a chart for a friend’s birth date as a reference.

So, in the part about the mundane houses, Raphael mentions that the fifth house references the pleasures the person enjoys.

I look at my friend’s chart and lo and behold, there’s a planet in his fifth house.

It happens to be Uranus.

And that was when I put my head down on the table and giggled for good long while.

I’m sure the official interpretation is something rather different, but nonetheless, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Beavis and Butthead interpretation is also true.

“Dude, your astrological chart says bend over.”