The latest and greatest

Presuming it’s still 1985, that is.

Programming drums into the drum machines. I’m used to my Yamaha RX8, which is from the early ’90s and arcane enough but the RX15 is a real relic.

In some ways the RX15 is much simpler than the RX8 – fewer sounds, no non-drum instruments [ie, no bass lines]. Eg: not as fussy on putting in repeats – just punch in the patterns in the order you want, then go to the last part and hit “repeat” and tell it where you want it to repeat from and how many times. Of course, it’s also simpler to screw shit up and there’s less tweaking ability, not even the ability to label songs. [So, note to self: “SONG 01” is the drum track for “Molasses.”]

Cool sounds, though, and besides, the RX8 is starting to get full.