Sharpie blood agogo

So, decided to try an agogo part in the live version of “Lucky Paw” [kinda like a cowbell but less sucky].

Being that I forgot my drumsticks and mallets at home, I figured, aw, fuck it, and grabbed a Sharpie to use as a beater since I had a few kicking around.

After about 10 minutes or 3 run-throughs of the song I started to notice I could feel little flecks of liquid on my arm.

That’s weird, I’m not a spit-talker or spit-singer, I thought.

I looked down to see only 2/3 of a Sharpie in my right hand and my left hand looked like this:

Shot with my Crackberry, I assure you it’s a much more vibrant red in reality.


Ah well, I’d learned the part by then, and I guess being sorta industrial it never hurts to look like I’m rocking the fake blood look at a show, because I somehow doubt I’ll have managed to scrub it off before my show tomorrow night.