Stage lights

Been thinking for a while about what to do about stage lighting – sure, some venues have their own rigs, others just flood the stage with white light and that’s that. And others are not specifically music venues so the lighting is more a matter of overhead flourescents, always flattering.

I was envisioning something a little darker and moodier, and decided to pop by Long & McQuade to see what I could see.

Found a couple small LED stage lights for fairly cheap that will do nicely to mostly have me in the dark with creepy color washes. Best of all, they both have programs to change color to match the noise I’m making. Test drove this feature by doing a quick run through of a new song, “Counterfeit” and it worked perfectly, albeit with some extra color changes thrown in courtesy of my neighbor’s drum solo practise.

Will be debuting these on April 6th when I play the Presents the Vancouver Indie Pop Series, it’s at the British Ex-Serviceman’s Association, 1143 Kingsway in Vancouver.