Goofing off yet still getting shit done

Should probably start some sort of pic of the day thing, all terribly blurry cell phone camera shots of dumb shit I see or make.

I won’t commit to that yet, but here’s one:

Ken doesn’t seem to mind the high-heeled boot to the nuts too much. Or he’s too distracted by looking up her skirt to notice. Either way I think he reminds me of someone I know quite well.

Anyway, progress on new material is being made, courtesy of forgotten work from June resurfacing. It’s like a time travel gift from my own past – I found something scrawled in my notebook about structure on a song called “Voodoo Doll.” I recall having that as a title but have no memory of doing anything about it, but figured if I wrote about the structure there might well be something on my hard drive and sure enough, I had the drums all done. Sounds like a pretty solid foundation to build off of.

And then I noticed in the same spot on my hard drive a session called “Precursor” which I also don’t remember working on, only having the title in my idea file. Turns out I had 95% of a cool little noise interlude built, and I finished the other 5% in less than an hour tonight. Might well make the album cut, and if it does, it might well be the album opener.

Not a bad haul from wherever the Hell my head was in mid-June.

Well, enough rambling. I’ll leave the dolls to their little game of Kick Ball[s] and I’ll get back to working on “Voodoo Doll.”