Another week, another Friday night in the DJ booth at CiTR. This week DJ Rubber Ducky has acquired a forehead tattoo.

I’m starting to think he might be hanging out with a bad crowd. Including me.

Anyway. It’s SOCAN monitoring week here at CiTR, and my policy on that is my friends and friends of my friends get paid first. Including me.

Ended up with an all-Canadian – actually almost all-Vancouver – show. Links to be posted tomorrow.

This week I finally got blood.black.haze shipped out to college radio across Canada, and I also finally got back to work on new demos after getting sidetracked for most of September. I’m currently working on a song called “Lucky Paw” as mentioned here earlier in the week.

These six weeks between the equinox and Halloween always seem to hang suspended in time. It’s a season of waiting. Waiting for productivity to increase. Waiting for the markets to crash. Waiting for the earthquake. Waiting for the next SOCAN pay out day. Waiting for the pull of gravity to pull everything back down to the core, to the earth in order to brace oneself against the coming winter. Waiting for something that can never come from without but only from within.

Waiting to see if DJ Rubber Ducky has any new body art next week.