I was reminded this afternoon of Hundertwasser’s architectural ideas as I logged onto Facebook and saw a friend had posted a story about the “vertical forest” being built in Milan:

Bosco Verticale in Milan

Back when I was doing design classes at Emily Carr Institute here in Vancouver, I heard about Hundertwasser, who’s an Austrian painter and architect very much into not only getting back to nature but also incorporating nature and art into architecture not only for beauty but for the health of the inhabitants of the city.

At some point his ideas were radical, but nowadays I can see smidgens of his ideals built into a lot of architecture around here. Living walls, green roofs, splashes of color, whimsical lines and organic forms – all of these relate to Hundertwasser’s ideas.

Hundertwasser on Hundertwasser

Not related to music so much, but I guess it’s a good counterpoint to some of the thoughts on cities as wastelands I’ve posted lately.

And hey, Hundertwasser did the cover art for Public Image Limited’s Happy? album. Which was pretty influential on the stuff I do, maybe not as much as That What Is Not or This Is What You Want, This Is What You Get, but still.