And then the fire alarm went off…

This week’s Vampire’s Ball was to be all about vintage industrial vinyl, and that worked out for a while, starting with Smersh and Keith Leblanc before playing some Coil and then, by request, Psychic TV and Noise Unit.

I had Portion Control spinning and was just sitting down to write something about the medium being the message and talking about the raw appeal of something like this blue vinyl Skinny Puppy 12″:

As opposed to an MP3 in a file list on your computer and which has more worth thanks to the sensory value. Or some such shit.

A couple songs into the side of Portion Control’s Psycho-Bod Saves The World I notice there’s an alarm noise that doesn’t seem to match the music.

Oh shit. Fire alarm.

So of course I quickly packed up my stuff and as the song ended I went on mic to apologize for having to cut the show short but policy is policy.

Of course, the real reason is I take no chances with my own safety in such a situation. And when I opened the big heavy station door from CiTR to the hallway of the there was a distinct chemically smell. Not overpowering, not smoke, but something that definitely isn’t normal and hadn’t been there when I entered CiTR a couple hours earlier.

And as I walked out the door at the bottom of the stairs beneath the station to exit I could hear sirens and on the other side of the building I could see flashing lights from fire trucks that had already arrived.

So… who knows? Maybe it wasn’t just a drunk moron pulling the alarm to amuse his idiot friends over in the Pit Pub on the other side of the building.

But I’m thinking it was DJ Rubber Ducky. He wasn’t there to greet me when I got in today so we know he was probably up to no good. This is how I found him last week, clearly on the edge and contemplating the Abyss:

And we’ve already established he hangs out with a bad crowd.

Oh well. All’s well that ends well with me at home and having my end-of-birthday shot of Chartreuse in a glass of Coke.