Morningstar speaks

You do not “clear the air” with a silverfish. You drop a heavy book on it from shoulder height and simply wipe up the splat, throw the tissue in the toilet, and get on with your day.

No discussion, no wavering. No agreeing to be friends with the enemy. If Napoleon is coming, burn the fields. If the pest merely fancies himself a Napoleon, the ant-burning magnifying glass will be all you need.

Be a hypernova when provoked, but always stay at the centre of it, direct the gamma rays out your finger tips to fry any obstacles in your path so all destruction is focussed outward at the proper targets while you remain unmoved and undamaged. Channel and direct the energy, do not hold onto it.

Be a conduit. Things pass through you, nothing can hold you unless you yourself hold onto it and even then only of your own free will.