Down There

Having abandoned the Wraith (or at least his blue-eyed incarnation) on the stairs ages ago, she had thought the lid was shut on that Pandora’s Box, though every now and then the remembrance of his searching eyes, hoping she would stay with him, did come back to haunt her.

She really didn’t think of it that much anymore.

And yet there was that lingering question.

For his part, the yellow-eyed wraith tended to justify her decision, being no fan of his brother, and of course the whole matter was not a topic for discussion or even mention with the silverback. Case closed.

Delving into the forbidden history of her people with nary a thought to her flock of suitors, however, a small short phrase in a chronicle penned by one of the few true priests (shunned though he may be by the corrupted) dug under her skin like that look from the stairwell.

It was an alias the blue-eyed wraith liked to use, casually mentioned in passing as a reference point by the priest. Research showed this to be the mostly forgotten name of an old and obscure text pertaining to her tribe. The blue-eyed wraith ought not to know anything about it, let alone adopt it for his own identity. Very strange indeed, and the text will now need to be studied closely.

Perhaps the blue-eyed wraith is not such a fool as he allows himself to be taken for, and the small insinuations and hints he dropped were not simply low-brow ploys to win easy favors from her but a plea for recognition of common bonds… but in any case there’s nothing more to be gleaned at this time. Back to the books.