Silverback Rising

The interloper has bothered her several times tonight and she has simply shoved him away and avoided him, sticking close to her tribesmen.

She finds her silverback, says nothing about the matter, but stays very close to his side as he goes about his work. Chats with the rest of the tribe as they flit about the hub.

The interloper returns through the large crowd to make another grab when the silverback is distracted. Shoved away hard and growled at. Constant noise acts as cover.

He goes but returns, now standing a few feet in front of her and the silverback to block her view.

Thought but not spoken: ‘Fuck off you rotten little shit…”

There is no way the silverback could have heard her thoughts, is there? But he suddenly cocks his head as if he did.

Stands up straight. Eyes narrow and nostrils flare. Stares daggers straight at the interloper who looks away pretending to just happen to be looking at the same vista minding his own business. Blood pounds to a suddenly aggressive beat.

The silverback smacks one of his attendant junior males and growls and gestures angrily at the interloper. The junior clears the interloper out of their turf under the silverback’s intense stare following the interloper out of sight.

Duty fulfilled, the silverback relaxes and returns to his busy work.

She breathes a sigh of relief.

He probably has no idea what just arose in him… or why.