Is there anything tangible left to ask for? A Mopho synth module or the eventual need for two-tiered keyboard stands? None of these toys are necessary, or even priorities amongst the unnecessary, and if they become such I have the resources to snag them as want turns to need.

Mostly I need cash to bankroll career growth, but I have that covered too.

All the tangible wants are things to be earned in the future. Trophies like gold records, these will come in due time if they are to come, and they can’t be given to me, they can only be earned.

But I do have a trophy of a different sort in mind that I want, maybe even need, one that I will have to earn in a different way. The spoils of war. No one can give that to me either, I have to take it. In the meantime, I am on the lookout for an obnoxious reminder of that goal that I can hang on my wall… in the tradition of my hunter ancestors.

And that’s about all that should be said on the matter.