On Watch

The iguana sits looking out the window between naps. A clattering and there are now two new humans in the house.

Well, she’s pretty sure they’re new. Maybe not. Maybe they’re related to the humans who are usually here, after all, they did say hello to her.

That’s the problem with people, they all look alike. And there’s too many of them to keep track of.

Noise, constant noise, don’t they ever sit still these damn humans? Sounds like they’re looking for something, rummaging around. They never seem to remember where they leave anything. And they have far too much crap kicking around. Not even good stuff like her blanket and climbing branches – those are useful things. And she never loses them.

The new people bolt through the front door.

The human who usually feeds the iguana [often thought of by the iguana as her pet human] comes down the hall freaking out. Gawd, if it’s not one thing with these people it’s another…

More noise. The usual human seems kinda really upset though.

Screeching sirens, car door slamming. More noise.

Another new human. Then another that definitely doesn’t belong, he smells off. Something chemically and nasty. Now the iguana freaks out a little. He goes away after a while.

The pet human seems calmer for some reason now. Silly monkey.

The new new people leave, and the other two humans who are usually around trickle home. More and more chatter, they never shut up and a general stressed atmosphere.

The iguana puts her chin down on a little pad and tries to nap to shut them out. The problem with humans is they don’t get enough rest, they’re always on edge. Never enough peace and quiet when your humans are home…