Hypocrites On Parade

Scene 1:

She smugly turns from the TV news and a story about a detox center being built to go post on an online forum about how sick it makes her that her tax dollars go to those people.

Let ’em die.

Hops off her soapbox to settle in to watch “her shows” on the TV with a bottle or two of red wine and pops her evening Xanax.

Life is good behind the white picket fence.

Scene 2:

He strokes his goatee and laughs at the Catholics for praying to their graven images and their foolish beliefs in miracles and saints.

Funny how a man in his 40s still has his office plastered in posters of his rock and roll heroes and his favorite author sits in a nice silver frame on the piano.

But that is of course totally different from Granma’s Russian icons plastering her living room. Totally different.

Also totally different is the way he quotes from his book to wag his finger at the opposition as she quotes the Bible to wag her finger at the heathens. Totally different.