Profile Pictures

There are two kinds of profile pictures: they either show what you are or what you want to be.

Darling Mr. Hyde prefers the latter: the standard rock and roll scream pose. Well, it’s a fantasy he may well see fulfilled.

I couldn’t help but notice, however, that in choosing this shot, he’s also let a little of his shadow self through: a superficially sweet face I thought I knew so well contorted into the screaming demon I’ve had the misfortune to meet occasionally.

It got me to thinking: maybe no matter how hard you try to carefully sculpt the mask you wear, your real face shows through.

But which one is the real one? I’ve long since given up on trying to figure out which face is his real one: sweet or sour. Do you base it on which one you see more often? The one you see when there is nothing to be gained or lost either way? Is it the one you resort to under pressure? Are they both equally true?