Every year for five years they made the pilgrimage to the Master.

In the first year they were given a set of conditions to fulfill before he would take on their project. He also gave encouragement, for he heard great potential.

Every year after that they presented their progress. He would nod in approval, tell them where they still needed improvement and send them away for another year.

The sixth meeting he felt they were ready and they spent the next year recording their debut album.

And then another nine months to finish the mixing [not all at once, of course, and dependent on the much-sought-after mixing engineer’s schedule]. It might be another few months before they get the mastering done. And a minimum of two months after that before the label would release it because of promotions scheduling and lag time.

Seven years in total, in other words.

For some reason this parable weighs on my mind as I work to finish my second EP this year – in time to mix it on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Of course, they make polished radio-ready pop-rock and I make raw bloody dark electro. Kinda impacts the ol’ release schedule somewhat.