Dappled Shade

The wraith rises in the east. After his brief morning routine, he walks out into the sun. A rare day off on this working vacation.

Enjoying the sights of ancient city streets and quaint storefronts, perfume tickles his nose and takes him back to the setting sun in the west. Jasmine, honeysuckle.

No sign of the source.

Continuing, he finds himself drawn by the sweet smells of a bakery, then a coffee shop and so on through the city led by his nose.

Exploration through the afternoon. An ice cream cone to cool off on a bench in dappled shade, something sparks his memory back again to the city of his youth.

Little flashes in the corners of his mind. He kinda misses the rain today, that much he’s willing to admit to himself.

And he’s now fairly certain he’ll have another chance in the coming winter.

Two more days til he flies home.