New moon tonight. A good time to reflect on processes set into motion of late.

Dark little stories will cast no natural shadows tonight.

Alchemical work is well underway now.

Old attachments are torched – roll the bones and either new bonds will emerge stronger than ever from the fire-forging or pyrolysis will ensue and the bonds will be offered up to the Black Sun leaving more room for new growth.

There is a sonic death at play right now, lifeless sounds blare from all radios. It is time pull the plugs on these almost-corpses to release them from their vegetative states, time to allow the natural decomposition. Even as the life support systems have been straining to keep the system going, though, the composting has begun and new shoots are sending roots into the still-living corpses.

Space must be cleared for new sonic life. No more culling of the visceral and vibrant. The law has always been survival of the fittest, of the strongest. Culture’s weakness has promoted the opposite of late because the half-dead are more easily controlled.

Let the computers make their soulless sounds but let it be listened to solely by other computers. Music for living beings must be allowed to be alive again.

There is no shame in using machines, but they must always remain as tools to obey the creator’s whims. Never permit them to dictate the laws of creation. There is a reason they all have that little button that says “SLAVE.”

As in all things, expect the rot to get worse for a while longer. Bring out the maggots to consume the dead flesh, only then can the new live flesh be preserved and revealed. [Trust the job to the maggots and their teeth because they can tell the difference better than the blind men with their knives.]