The Universe and Synthesis

Every so often when I’m out of ideas on a give situation I’ll do something “traditional” like draw tarot.

Not that I believe the cards themselves necessarily hold the answers [though sometimes it’s downright spooky how close they come] but I figure my gut reaction to them and their interpretation can be illuminating.

Tonight was such a night. At the end of my draw, the supposed crux of the matter or the ultimate answer was the Major Arcana card XXI The Universe.

I’m using Crowley’s Thoth tarot, and according to that little booklet, one of the interpretations is that this card means synthesis.

Naturally my knee-jerk reaction was “Analog or digital? Or MIDI soft synths?”

Well… it might be a sign of too much time spent playing with noise toys, but actually in a way it does make sense. A way that I’ll keep to myself, but suffice to say that is a big expanse of common ground to be had.