King of the Forest

One day Ishtar sat on the edge of the forest, enjoying the sun on her back and the wildflowers in bloom as she worked on some small project.

A small prey animal of the forest came up to her and boldly declared that he was the king of the whole land and bade her welcome.

“You may enjoy my land, I suppose, so long as you pay hommage to me.”

“And if I won’t?”

“Then you must leave.”

Bemused by the little furball’s impudence, Ishtar decided to play along. After all, it was almost time to go home anyway.

“Well… I think I must leave then, for I cannot pay hommage to you as King.”

The little creature sat smugly in the open meadow, pleased at himself for having sent the intruder away as he watched Ishtar walk away.

In his smug glory, the little King never did see the wolf coming…