After one month

So, it’s been a month today since I released my debut EP, Blood. [Obligatory plug: go get Blood on iTunes if you haven’t already.]

I’m already working on the next EP, which I hope to have out around the end of October.

I’ll get the usual housekeeping stuff done here: There’s a new page on Facebook, if you like my stuff, go on over and become a fan there: and of course the MySpace, which is probably more important than Facebook still:

There’s a lot that I’ve learned thus far, but I’d rather blog about what I’m interested in these days that’s affecting my work. You may have noticed a new batch of posts trickling out having to do with alchemy, which is my current obsession. After all, it parallels the creative process in a way: shit happens, you dissect and digest it, you leave it to cook, and at some point hopefully you get some gold out the other end and publish your findings.

Or something like that.