I shed my skin
When the party was about to begin
I’m light years away but I’m walking back…

Something on my mind
Makes me run when I thought I’d run too far

– Duran Duran, “(I’m Looking For) Cracks in the Pavement”

Time to shed my skin.

I spent 10 years watching my iguana do that, so I know a swift kick to the head is the best way to start the process, then peel to help the process along.

The last little bit has been that uncomfortable itching while my skin was too constricting yet not yet ready to slough off, but there’s a break now that I can get my nails into.

It’s like driving east across Canada on the TransCanada. At the eastern edge of the Rockies you go around the peak of the last pass and suddenly the country seems to drop off in front of you and the entire continent spreads itself open before and beneath you and you hang suspended in mid-air for a few moments before sinking down to continue on your way. You feel that you can see clear to Newfoundland.

And so it is done.

[Well, this is just the beginning, actually. But the preface is done.]