In summary of late

One Wednesday one of the wise men said something reminding me of lightning that had been set aside.

Hours later, one candle flickers and the iPod blasts a constructed soon-to-be-reality. It is the wee hours of Thursday morning.

The next night certain words are sung and tracked. Never mind an altar when you have access to an SSL and AKG microphones focus and direct the flow at least as well as any athame could.

The following night a one-word olive branch rebirths the whole situation but this time on more desired terms, even if tentatively. The following Wednesday shaky ground is solidified.

The next night one of the incantations is resung and retracked for even greater effect. It is rough-mixed that Sunday. The following Wednesday a further solidification occurs.

Yesterday a more refined mix was done. We shall see ripples soon.

This is the long game, nothing is instant nor should it be expected to be.

There is the expected clucking off to the side, tsk-tsking from the outsiders who don’t have all the facts. So be it. I tried to explain, but I will not trouble their ears with tales of these triumphs anymore.

The album is now blueprinted. Much has been cast aside. Its three parts sum to 13 tracks; five are tracked and roughed, the rest are in various stages, save for the last, which might be nice to do as a collaboration with the one who inspired a chunk of it.

I will of course discuss the whole thing with more experienced ears over the next two weeks, it is formed but not carved in stone yet.

So there you have it. Much is still under deliberation, especially in regards to this blog.