Work and Will

…Willpower. Energy. Example.
What has to be done is done…
Don’t waste your energy and your time
throwing stones at the dogs that bark at you on the way…
Don’t put off your work until tomorrow.
Don’t succumb to that disease of character
whose symptoms are a general lack of seriousness,
unsteadiness of action and speech, foolishness:
In a word: frivolity…
Don’t stop to think about excuses. Get rid of them…

– Boyd Rice from “Get Used to Saying No”

Been listening to this a lot lately and working towards adopting it.

I can feel that wave taking me forward, I think I’ve written about it before. And I’m rising to the occasion.

And I’m not sure I’m actually putting vastly more energy into this, just that I’m directing it more efficiently and getting out of my comfort zone a little. Or rather, forcibly expanding it.

Last night at school I had a long conversation with my main instructor talking about presentation and how you never say the word “Demo.” DEMO = EXCUSE. It’s “Hey, here’s three tracks off my debut. You’ll dig ’em.” never “um, do you want a copy of my demo?” (Not that I was planning to say the latter next week by any means.)

I’m starting to feel like I’m finally getting my bearings and standing up. My legs still feel shaky for some reason, I guess because it’s still so new to actually be doing things to further my career in the real world and not just hiding making noise in my little corner of the world.

Part of me is surprised how far I’m coming how fast. But I suppose I shouldn’t be. I’m making better choices now and they have immediate results.